Hypnosis For Successful Weight Loss
Discover What Really Works!

By C. Devin Hastings

Class Description

Have you had it with diets that only work for a little while? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work? Read the following testimonial and see what you can have!

“Hi Devin, I’m doing very well. After I left your office, I went shopping for new pants and found that I am down to a size 16. I am in between the plus size and the regular size!!!! I’m completely thrilled. And you are a huge part of that! I’m feeling better and very proud.” Sheryl—Open U Student

This class will reveal little known information about what really makes people overweight and how you can re-program your mind to create a happier, slimmer you. Imagine feeling that sense of relief and pride when look in the mirror and you see and feel that extra weight disappearing for good.

Instructor Information

C. DEVIN HASTINGS specializes in helping diabetics, used to weigh a chunky 203 pounds at five foot, eight inches. Now he is a lean 165 pounds. As a certified hypnotherapy and NLP instructor Devin has earned many prestigious awards and has given seminars on the power of the mind across the United States and in Europe. He has been on radio and television and his professional appearances include seminars for AT&T, Lockheed-Martin, Law Enforcement Agencies, the Better Business Bureau and many others.

The Open U is closed. For free information, give Devin Hastings a call at 612-730-2789

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Really Does Work.
Many of My Clients Remark On How Natural and Easy It Is.


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