New Answers For Diabetes




This book accompanies my two day Diabetes Motivational CoachTM certification workshop.


*  Move your practice into a high demand area where there is very little competition!

*  Become a credible practitioner in a field of complementary hypnotherapy

*  Learn how these special hypnotherapy skills can also be applied to many areas of your general practice creating unexpected, powerful and fast results

*  Help those people and their families who are suffering from this leading cause of illness and intense emotional pain.

*  Competently assist medical professionals to help their clients achieve better results

*  Easily learn the technical details needed to act with confidence and authority even if you have no experience with medical matters

*  Help your clients to stop sabotaging their recovery in this and other important areas of their lives

*  Work with them to create individually tailored strategies that succeed.

*  Compassionately deal with one of the most difficult to talk about side effects of diabetes:  Impotence

*  Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques proven to begin reducing anxiety, sadness and other roadblocks to success

*  Accelerate your client’s intellectual and emotional learning ability helping them to breakthrough the ‘usual denial’ which oftentimes produces anguish, suffering and huge financial cost.  Those who do not achieve this new insight are in danger of experiencing massive pain, loss of limb, loss of sight or even worse.

*  Acquire the essential information necessary to powerfully help over 90% of all diabetics dramatically improve their condition by permanently reducing their weight.

*With your specialized training you can help persons with diabetes and pre-diabetes to powerfully and effectively manage their situation.

“After the diabetes workshop in the UK last year, I had an unprecedented number of complimentary messages of praise to be passed on to Devin.  All of them were inspired and for many, it was the first time they had experienced a workshop giving inspiration, power and LOVE all in one package.


Many of them are still talking about it and creating envy in those who were not able to attend.


It’s a great workshop and I have to say to anybody: DON’T MISS IT!”

Terence Watts, founder of The Association of Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

and author of several books including: Advanced Analytical Hypno-Therapy, Rapid Cognitive Therapy and the ground-breaking book, Warriors, Settlers and Nomads

“This breakthrough material will change the lives of a countless number of diabetic patients permanently for the better.  Every allopathic practitioner that has diabetes patients will welcome this new motivational program.”

Dr. L.C. Dudik-Francis, Diabetes Motivational Coach (DMC) workshop attendee


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