Anxiety, OCD and Hypnosis:




Hi there.  Thanks for visiting this page to learn more about my book, Anxiety, OCD and Hypnosis: New Answers for Those Who Suffer In Silence.

It is the result of a great deal of personal as well as professional research.  Anxiety used to rule and ruin my life so my heart goes to those who haven’t yet found a way out.

There is a way to heal from anxiety but please avoid “instant answers.”  What I offer in the book and on the hypnosis session CD is a way to make steady progress.  Have I seen some people quickly eliminate anxiety in my 27 years of practice?  Yes, once in a while but mostly with steady work which, by the way, takes less effort than it does to be anxious.

You don’t have to suffer any longer.  There are answers that can help you accumulate inner comfort.

The book is normally $30 and the anxiety CD set is normally $50.  (CD set is titled: Hypnosis Solutions for Anxiety-click here to learn more).

Special price for both is $39.95 plus $5.95 for Priority Mail shipping (domestic U.S. only!  Extra charges for international will be individually assessed.)


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