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C. Devin Hastings

Christopher Devin Hastings has over 27 years experience practicing hypnosis in its applications to help others. He holds advanced certification with three of the most prestigious hypnotherapy schools in the United States. Devin also holds a degree in electronics and was certified in satellite ground equipment technology by the U.S. Army.

My professional background includes work with clients who have succeeded in overcoming situations ranging from nail biting to bulimia. I love what I do. My goal is to facilitate a persons discovery of their healing inner resources. As far as I am concerned, a hypnosis/NLP coach is a teacher and a guide. I teach people about their mind as it relates to the hypnotherapeutic context. Then, I guide them to that area of their mind where they can engage in very powerful, positive self-persuasion.

C. Devin Hastings

Client Results

Real testimonials from past clients and workshop attendees.

Hi Devin! I just wanted to happily report that I have experienced very little morning sickness since meeting with you on Monday. I dont remember everything you said when you hypnotized me so I dont know if you said anything specifically about feeling sick, but if you did, it totally worked! I am deeply grateful for your help and just wanted to thank you again!

Melanie Razo

April 17, 2014

I highly recommend Devin Hastings and his seminars.

After 20 years in sales, I have attended multiple seminars across the US. Devin brings fresh perspective and finds ways to reach each person in the class, as well as help them attain information and tools to fit their specific needs.

Shawn Diddy

May 30, 2013

I saw you in early January (2013). When I saw you I was in a miserable place and since then so much has turned around and just continues to get better! I would love to see you again to help keep this momentum going!



Devin has a true gift. I came to him hoping to find relief from my anxiety related to chemotherapy. In the very first session, he provided me with a remarkable relaxation technique and a tape of the experience to take home with me. I have been using it to calm myself every day. Not only did my anxiety and nausea decrease in intensity, I find that other areas of my life are also positively affected. I gratefully recommend his services to you.

Elizabeth C.


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