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Public relations professionals may be skilled at crafting press releases, but when it comes to social media, many are navigating uncharted waters. Social media is no longer just a way for friends and family to interact and share photos. Today social media is at the heart of companies’ public relations and marketing initiatives.

So what does an integrated public relations and social media campaign look like? For many businesses it starts with simply developing profiles and pages on relevant networking sites. The relevancy of sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube, or LinkedIn will be determined by examining a companies best customers, then selecting only social networking sites where these customers reside.

What drives social media is two fold – original content and interaction with connections. We at Cordelia Donovan Inc. provide an integrated  public relations and marketing approach that coincides with your social media objectives. Whether we develop original content or develop connections through social media  to take your reputation goals to the next level.

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